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Sci-Fi Writing Workshop​

29.03.2021, 12:00-13:00

Online event

Do you like using your imagination? Join us in a creative story writing workshop (EN/FR/NL) about the future of Brussels. It will help us to imagine the role of nature in the city of the future. This is an individual exercise at home, but we discuss outcomes and what we can learn from them, together:

  • We will have a joint introduction session online, where we discuss goals and guidelines;

  • We set the scene with four possible futures that you can pick from;

  • You have plenty of time to come up with a story and elaborate it;

  • We collect the results, make drawings about them, and share an overview online;

  • We gather in an online meeting to discuss the results and what we can possibly take with us to discuss future scenarios in the next Living Lab session.


The CO-NATURE Living Lab brings together actors that are closely involved with, or interested in, co-producing scenarios for nature-based urban regeneration.

Note: If you are not able to participate in the introduction session on 29.03, we can schedule an individual introduction.

You can participate by filling out this form:

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