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Green space access and satisfaction in the Brussels Capital Region

The results presented here are based on a map-based online survey first released in 2019. In this survey, respondents were asked which urban green space (UGS) they most frequently used, what they did in this UGS, and what they like/dislike about their selected UGS. More results from this survey can be found here

Distance traveled by survey respondents to their selected UGS

This map shows how long respondents living around the city travel to visit the UGS they most frequently visit. We see that in the city center, more respondents tend to travel 20 to 30 minutes or more than 30 minutes to visit their UGS. In the edges of the region, people more often travel less than 10 minutes to reach their most frequently visited UGS.

Which nearby UGS do residents choose to use or avoid?

Here we show, for several large UGS, what proportion of respondents who live nearest to the indicated UGS choose to use the UGS and what proportion choose instead to travel farther away to a different UGS. For instance, most people who live nearest to Parc Josaphat said that Parc Josaphat was the UGS they most often visited in Brussels. On the other hand, most people who live nearest to the Royal Park more often choose to travel to a UGS farther away (i.e. beyond the Royal Park). 

How satisfied are people with the characteristics of the green space they most often visit?

The maps here show how satisfied people are with the characteristics of the UGS they most often visit. A red circle indicates that people visiting that UGS are more often dissatisfied with the indicated characteristics. A green circle indicates the opposite, that users are most often satisfied with the characteristic. The size of the circle tells us how strongly that characteristic contributes to respondents' overall experience of that UGS. 


For example, respondents are generally satisfied with the "naturalness" of the UGS they visit. On the other hand, many people do not feel that their UGS is calm. 

satsfaction score legend.png
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